Better Cleaning Habits For A Cleaner Home

How would you like to never have to do major cleaning in your house again? You can save countless hours cleaning up spills, arranging items and keeping things looking fresh by just developing a few great habits.

These are all little things and they don’t take much work to do. But a bunch of little changes can go a long way toward making your home look nicer and stay cleaner.

Cut Down The Excess

How many of the same kitchen utensils do you really need? Do you have to have a dozen towels and two dozen pairs of shoes? If you cut back on the things you are buying, then there is less to clean. It’s simple math, and a lot of people who have to clean regularly do so because they have so much stuff. Just reduce how much you are buying and try to just buy essentials and things you will use right away. Don’t fall for the old tactic of buying something just because it is on sale. If you don’t have a use for it, leave it on the shelf.

clutter free living roomWipe After Each Mess

As you are cooking, it may be tempting to leave the clutter for a while. You feel exhausted by the work you just did, and you don’t feel like cleaning up after yourself. But that only makes the mess harder to clean up later.

Just make it a habit to wipe down surfaces after you cook or prepare food there. That will keep most spills from congealing and becoming hard. The longer you wait to clean most spills and messes, the worse they will become

Clean As You Go

It may be tempting to leave your shoes, keys, wallet and other personal items wherever is closest to where you come in the door, but that’s not a way to keep a clean house. Instead, have a set spot for each item. Your shoes can go on the shoe rack, your wallet always goes in the same place and your keys get hung up on a hook. This not only helps to cut back on the clutter, but it also makes it easier to find everything.

If you are one of those people who are always losing things, then you definitely need to develop this habit. Make it a priority to put things where they go after you are done with them. That will save you a lot of trouble and work later on.

clean-sofaUse Appliances How They Were Intended

A lot of people have that one appliance or piece of furniture that they use to stack things on. Maybe it’s an exercise machine that serves as a clothes rack. Or perhaps it is a coat rack that also holds keys, belts and handbags. You can save yourself a lot of time looking for lost times and cleaning up after yourself if you just make sure to use each appliance for its intended use. If you have a machine or piece of furniture that you don’t use anymore, then get rid of it. It will only serve to clutter your house.



So you see there isn’t a whole lot to it really. Of course if you’re a very busy individual, then you may not have very much free time at all. And who really wants to spend any rest time cleaning?? (Besides crazy people like me of course!)

With that in mind why not get a professional involved like

It’s just a thought. Anyways I’ll see you in my next article!